A well-designed workflow saves you time.

Your work is different from attorneys that write wills and trust. LiveDocket is optimized for criminal defense attorneys and puts relevant information front and center.

Streamline your work:
  • Collaboratively work on case files with others
  • Effortlessly synchronize work between computers
  • Work with or without an active internet connection
  • Secure and automatic backups of your files, notes, and information
  • (Almonst) Any Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux

Document Management & Creation

LiveDocket lets you view, create, and edit motions, investigation requests, police reports, and complaints right within the program. With other solutions, you have to open additional programs and jump through additional hoops. With LiveDocket everything is in one place: accessible, secure, fast.

In one program:
  • Write Motions
  • Create Motions from Templates
  • View Complaints, Motions, Pictures, etc.
  • Never search for a missing piece of paper again.

Calendar & Billing

Our case files, calendar, and billing system speak with each other. Create an entry in one and it shows up in the others. This way you only have to keep track of court appearances, client meetings, and other contacts in one place. This saves you time, aggrevation, and makes sure that you can bill every hour that you worked. Effortlessly.

  • Create Bills
  • To-Do Lists Integrated with Calendar, Case files, and billing
  • Collaborative Calendars
  • Billing Management

Heavy Books?

For a (growing) number of jurisdiction, LiveDocket includes Law Codes and Charges Information. They are accessible whether you have internet access or not. No need to carry those heavy and expensive books anymore just to find out that you need another or that it has become outdated.

(Don't see your jurisdiction? Let us know!)

  • Always have the law codes with you
  • Frequent updates
  • Quickly search and access charges information

Efficient & Open

LiveDocket is built to help you do more. Focus on clients and don't worry about endless mountains of paper. But don't take our word for it. Try LiveDocket yourself with our no-risk free trial. No need to sign up. No need to enter anything.

  • 100% free, no fees or charges
  • Try LiveDocket for as long as you like on as many devices as you like
  • No sign-up required
  • Commitment-free

Cloud enabled Docket Management

There are other case management solutions out there. Most of them are web-based software as a service ("SaaS"). That means they are websites. If the internet goes down or you don't have internet in a courtroom you simply cannot work. At best that means lost time, at worst very angry clients and judges.
LiveDocket works whether you have an internet connection or not.

Rocket Science

Because LiveDocket is not a website, we can protect your data better. All data synchronized with LiveDocket servers is shielded from prying eyes. Most other cloud computing software only encrypts customer data on the way to their servers, leaving it unsecured on your computer and on their servers. LiveDocket is radically different. LiveDocket encrypts your data directly on your computer. This way, your data never leaves your computer without being fully encrypted. We understand that your data is important and we work hard to keep it safe. Not even we at LiveDocket can access your unencrypted data.