LiveDocket organizes your cases efficiently. It transforms an unwieldy paper docket into an organized, secured, digital docket. You can easily and quickly find cases, check their status, and switch between cases. Within each case you can efficiently enter court appearances, enter interview notes, and log contacts with clients, prosecutors, investigators, and witnesses.

With LiveDocket, your files are encrypted and protected the minute they are created. All files are mirrored (fully encrypted) to off-site servers. This way files become accessible on numerous devices to authorized users. LiveDocket is designed to serve single-practitioners to work more efficiently and for offices to work more collaboratively. Never hunt for a file again minutes before court, never worry again about forgetting files or losing them, never worry again about how to work with somebody else on the same file.

Organization = More Time

Ask yourself how much time you spend organizing police reports, filing investigation requests and reports, and just keeping track of files and a lot of paper. And how often have you hunted around the office for a missing case file minutes before a court appearance?

LiveDocket is structured around easy and efficient organization - not for its own sake, but to let you spend less time on organizing paper and more time on representing clients.

Fires, Floods, Coffee Mugs, Thefts, and prying Eyes

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your practice if your office burns down? Or if you lose a case file? Or if somebody spills coffee over a stack of police reports? With LiveDocket your data is safe. All information that you synchronized with our servers is stored in a secure manner. If your computer explodes, just get a new one, log into LiveDocket, and all your files will await you, just as they were on your last computer.

Comparing Costs

A LiveDocket license costs $60/user/month. If you can bill one more hour per month, make one more court appearance, or simply focus more on giving the best possible representation to your client rather than worry about organizing files, then LiveDocket is already worth it. Also, since LiveDocket data is digital, you can say goodbye to that big room filed with stacks and stacks of old files. LiveDocket also leverages the skills of your support personnel.

Whether you are a single practitioner or part of a larger public defender office, LiveDocket will save you money.

The End of the Great Paper Shuffle

Many offices are filled with wonderful support personnel. LiveDocket gives them the tools to be even more useful for attorneys and ultimately clients. Instead of shuffling case files between attorneys and support personnel, LiveDocket allows everybody to work together. At the same time. This reduces the risk of misplaced files and the risk of people not being able to continue working on a case because they await the case folder from another person. LiveDocket keeps track of who did what, when, and how. This way you always know what your team is doing and your team is in a better position to assist you.


At LiveDocket we believe that a significant portion of criminal defense practice will go digital in the near future. Numerous police departments, forensic units, and prosecutor offices are already switching to digital discovery. LiveDocket builds upon these developments. LiveDocket will help you ride this wave from the beginning, rather then playing catch-up in a couple of years.

But at LiveDocket we also recognize that you might wish to transfer your LiveDocket files back to paper at some point in time (for example to provide discovery to an outside attorney). LiveDocket makes this process easy, allowing you to instantly print case files and export scanned documents.

New Features, new platforms, effortless updating

LiveDocket is evolving. See something you like? Tell us! See something that we could do better? Tell us! We are here to help you be more productive. And that is why we are hard at work to make LiveDocket even better. We are constantly developing and testing new features. When you buy a LiveDocket license you automatically get all of these future updates. When updates become available, they install automatically when you start LiveDocket without you having to do anything. That way, you always have the latest tools at your disposal. Up-to-date, easy.

But what if there is no Internet connection?

Most other Law Practice Management Software solutions are web-based and can only be used when you have a functioning (and fast!) Internet connection. Not LiveDocket. We understand that you might have to work in places that have limited or no Internet connectivity. With other docket management solutions you would be out of luck. But with LiveDocket you can continue to work. All your data is stored locally on your computer. Whenever you have internet access again you can sync your data at your own convenience. Flexible and sensible.

Law Codes Included

For a (growing) number of jurisdiction, LiveDocket includes Law Codes and Charges Information. They are accessible whether you have internet access or not.

(Don't see your jurisdiction? Let us know!)

Many attorneys, and especially junior attorneys, also spend a significant amount of time looking up the charges against their client. LiveDocket streamlines this process. It contains a database of charges that quickly identifies the severity of the charge, the text of the statute, and the penalty range.

A program designed specifically for the needs of criminal defense attorneys.

Key Features

     Any Operating System

LiveDocket works on PC, Mac, and Linux. Work began on one computer can seamlessly be continued on another.


Keep track of time spent on specific matters for easy, accurate, and complete billing and recovery.


To encrypt and securely transfer your data, LiveDocket uses AES-256 together with RSA-2048 signatures. Both of these methods are high security standards. Very high.


If your computer explodes, just log into LiveDocket on another computer and all of your synced information & documents will be right where you left them.

  Focused on Relevant Information

Your work is different from attorneys that write wills and trust. LiveDocket is optimized for criminal defense attorneys and puts relevant information front and center.


An integrated calendar automatically keeps track of court appearances and meetings. You no longer have to keep track of appointments in two places. This reduces inefficiences and the risk of costly errors.


We strive to make LiveDocket continously better by adding new and improved features. LiveDocket automatically updates itself (it is very fast). No effort or work required from you.

  Document Management

Quickly and easily access all of your motions, police reports, charging instruments, investigation requests, etc. Right in the program. Have all of your information organized in one place.


A To-Do Lists manager that is integrated with each case makes it easy to stay on top of your matters.

  Notes & Contacts

Keep track of interview notes, court appearances, client addresses, etc, in one place.


Multiple people (attorneys, secretaries, investigators, etc) can work on the same file at the same time.